YKK Global Criteria of Compliance

YGCC, YKK Global Criteria of Compliance, is YKK’s CSR guideline, which was created based upon YKK’s philosophy of the “Cycle of Goodness” and the ISO26000 guidelines. It is formulated to embody our contribution to a sustainable society through our core business.
YKK implements annual audits of YKK Group factories based on the below criteria and conducts regular evaluations and improvements for sustainability.

① Management System
1.1 Management System

② Labor Condition
2.1 Child Labor
2.2 Forced Labor
2.3 Non-Discrimination
2.4 Discipline, Harassment or Abuse
2.5 Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
2.6 Regular Employment/ Employment Contract

③ Hours and Wages
3.1 Working Hours
3.2 Wages and Benefits

④ Safety and Health
4.1 Emergency Planning & Fire Safety
4.2 Medical Services
4.3 Sanitation/Hygiene
4.4 Physical Hazards
4.5 Chemical Hazards
4.6 Structural Integrity
4.7 Dormitory and Canteen

⑤ Environment
5.1 Environmental Management System
5.2 Energy Consumption
5.3 Water Use
5.4 Waste Water Discharge and Effluents
5.5 Waste Management
5.6 Air and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
5.7 Chemical Management

⑥ Fair Business Practice
6.1 Establishment of a System for Complying with Competition Law
6.2 Prohibition of Bribery
6.3 Protection of the Company’s Confidential Information / Prevention of the Infringement of Other Companies’ Confidential Information
6.4 Non-competition Obligation
6.5 Establishment of a System for Managing Personal Information
6.6 Establishment of a System for Managing Intellectual Property Rights
6.7 Demanding that Suppliers and Subcontractors Fulfill their Social Responsibility and Otherwise Comply with Applicable Laws and Regulations
6.8 Appropriate Accounting and Tax Preparation
6.9 Establishment of a System for Controlling Foreign Trade
6.10 Compliance with Subcontract Law
6.11 Eradication of Relationships with Antisocial Forces
6.12 Conflict Minerals
6.13 Animal Welfare