Reduce water use and manage wastewater

To combat serious water resource depletion and degradation, YKK will reduce its water intakes and strictly manage wastewater.


  • We will reduce our water intake through efficient usage, the development of new water saving production methods, and the increased recycling of wastewater.
  • Strictly manage wastewater at all manufacturing sites in accordance with Government regulations and YKK in-house standards established based on industry standards such as ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals).

ECO-DYE® (Waterless Zipper Dyeing Technology)

Dyes are indispensable elements for providing the apparel industry with colors and levels of brightness. In order to attain this level of brightness, vast quantities of water have to be used in the dyeing process, and because this involves the subsequent disposal of waste water containing chemical properties, it could potentially cause environmental pollution.
As a part of our environmental activities, YKK has developed ECO-DYE® technology that—utilizing supercritical fluid dyeing (“SFD”) technology—allows the reduction of the amount of water used in the zipper dyeing process to almost zero.
This technology enables us to manufacture the same high-quality products while reducing the burden on the environment.

Rose created with zippers colored with ECO-DYE® technology No watering required

Reduction of Water Intake

FY2020 Result: 18% reduction in total water intake by all manufacturing sites (year-on-year)

Management of Wastewater

YKK carried out thorough management of wastewater at each location by establishing voluntary control standards that are more stringent than the legal requirements of each country and region, thereby enabling appropriate wastewater management. In FY2020, there were no violations of standards related to wastewater.

Since FY2019, we have used an original checklist to obtain an understanding each year of the water risks of each of our manufacturing locations. The checklist carries out evaluations using as reference the water risk evaluation in the World Resources Institute’s Aqueduct data platform, “Setting Site Water Targets Informed by Catchment Context” international guidelines, and others.

To ensure the appropriate management of wastewater, experts from the YKK Japan have been carrying out diagnostic checks since FY2014 of our overseas business companies’ wastewater treatment facilities as well as providing technical guidance on operational and management methods. Due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, in FY2020, guidance was provided online in the place of providing in-person guidance on site.